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September 2 2016

How To Set Up Event Tracking via Google Tag Manager

by Grant Marlowe

Often times, once Google Analytics has been installed on a website and begins collecting data, site owners, marketing teams, business owners, and anyone else with a stake in the website, begins to realize they want to know even more. They want to learn all they possibly can about their website traffic. You’ll know you’ve been bitten by the Data Bug when analyzing data, only generates more questions. As soon as we discover something insightful about traffic patterns, we want to know more and more.

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August 18 2014

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking In a Less-Than-Ideal World

by Tony Fazzini

One of the hardest parts of tracking conversions in Google AdWords is not having a unique page to use as a “conversion point.” When you don’t have a unique page, it can be difficult to determine where to place the conversion pixel. And without the conversion pixel, you’ll never know if users are taking the desired action when they come to your landing page or website.

This scenario is all-too-common if your site has limited functionality, or if your conversion occurs on a different domain. While this is never ideal, there is still a way track conversions from these pages within Google AdWords – you just have to be a little crafty.Read More

August 14 2014

How Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Work Together to Make Your Life Easier

by Tony Villanova

There seems to be some confusion between Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. In this post, I will discuss what Google Tag Manager is and what role it plays in Google Analytics.Read More

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