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March 28 2019

Facebook’s Relevance Score Metric is Being Replaced and Improved Upon

by Charlie Scholz

Facebook announced earlier this month that they are going to retire the relevance score metric and replace it with three new ad relevance diagnostics metrics. The three new metrics will measure relevance more granularly across three separate dimensions.

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December 27 2018

Facebook Begins Testing Search Ads in Results Pages and Marketplace

by Monica Pissanos

Facebook recently announced that it will be testing ads in its search results. These test ads will run in both the channel’s primary search results as well as its Marketplace search results.

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October 11 2018

Facebook Household Income Targeting is Now Available

by Charlie Scholz

Earlier this year, we shared Facebook’s decision to remove net worth and income level targeting from targeting options in the Business Manager for Advertisers. This removal of audiences that utilized third-party data, along with many other changes, was part of Facebook’s response to privacy concerns raised over recent years. However, the social media platform has now provided a new way to utilize income level targeting once again.

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