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February 6 2017

How to Create Ad Mockups with Facebook’s Creative Hub

by Charlie Scholz

Any advertiser that creates and manages display or social campaigns can tell you that one of the most important parts of the planning and strategy process is creating mockups. This is crucial in ensuring that the vision and goal of an ad unit is there when you bring ad creative to life. Facebook has recently released a new solution to help advertisers in this process with the Creative Hub.

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June 24 2016

Facebook Has a New Text Overlay Tool for Advertisers

by Chuck Forbes

Digital marketers who advertise on Facebook are familiar with these platforms being very particular on the amount of text that are in advertisements. To ensure a great user experience, Facebook instituted a rule that said only 20% of your ad can be text-based. Any ads that has a text overlay greater than 20% would be disapproved by the network for advertising. This created a challenge for marketers and design teams – constantly asking the question internally, “Is the text on this image greater than 20%,” or “How do I create the best call to action ensuring my text doesn’t exceed 20% of the image?”

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June 24 2013

Facebook to Deprecate Sponsored Stories Ads

by Anne Garcia

Last month we announced that Facebook was testing new, larger ad formats on its social network. Now Facebook is saying that it will cut its 27 ad products by more than half within the next six months in order to simplify advertising on the network.

Sponsored Stories contain a social context to the advertisement as they inform a Facebook user if their friends have engaged with the advertiser on the platform. They typically appear in the right-hand column of pages throughout Facebook, and are also eligible to appear in a user’s News Feed. Sponsored Stories can be shown to Facebook users who already “like” an advertiser’s page or to users whose friends “like” an advertiser’s page. In addition, Facebook users can like the advertiser’s Facebook Page directly from the ad unit or they can click through to the advertiser’s page.

Some of the various Sponsored Stories options are:

  • Page Like Story — shows when a user’s Facebook friend likes the advertiser’s brand.
  • Page Post Story — content is pulled directly from a post on an advertiser’s Facebook page.
  • Sponsored Ad — ad content can be customized and advertisers can send users to a Facebook Page or an external URL.

Facebook also plans to deprecate Facebook Questions and Online Offers as soon as July.

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