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October 10 2016

Canvas – Facebook’s Call to Creativity

by Natalia Joyce

Conveying a message about your product or service can be difficult when you are limited to a certain character count, or specific creative requirement. There is only so much you can say in 140 characters, or showcase in 300 x 250 pixels, in order to try and engage your audience. Facebook Canvas is looking to change that. This new, immersive mobile experience, allows users to interact with various design elements that come to life at their fingertips.

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June 24 2016

Facebook Has a New Text Overlay Tool for Advertisers

by Chuck Forbes

Digital marketers who advertise on Facebook are familiar with these platforms being very particular on the amount of text that are in advertisements. To ensure a great user experience, Facebook instituted a rule that said only 20% of your ad can be text-based. Any ads that has a text overlay greater than 20% would be disapproved by the network for advertising. This created a challenge for marketers and design teams – constantly asking the question internally, “Is the text on this image greater than 20%,” or “How do I create the best call to action ensuring my text doesn’t exceed 20% of the image?”

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November 11 2015

Benefits of Lead Ads – Facebook’s New Advertising Unit

by Tony Fazzini

One of the larger challenges companies face is getting users to complete forms on their websites – they’re time consuming, tedious, difficult on mobile devices, and users feel businesses should already have this information. Facebook closely looked at this challenge and came up with a new product: Facebook Lead Ads.Read More

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