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May 12 2015

Facebook Advertising Options & Targeting Capabilities

by Lauren Owens

Thanks to the data that Facebook has on its users, advertisers can precision-target their customers or likely customers in order to accomplish a number of objectives, including increasing visibility, driving traffic, and even increasing app downloads. If you’ve never advertised on Facebook, consider this your Facebook advertising primer. In this post, we’re talking opportunities, targeting options and best practices for advertising within Facebook.Read More

May 6 2015

Facebook’s Brand Spanking New Product Listing Ads

by Lauren Owens

In February, Facebook announced Product Listing Ads, an entirely new way to advertise within Facebook. In Facebook, product listing ads enable advertisers to promote multiple products, or their entire catalogue, within a single ad. If you’re a regular Facebook user, you’ve likely seen the Facebook PLAs in action within the last two months or so.Read More

September 9 2014

Is Facebook’s Paid Advertising Worth It?

by Chris Naff

This is part one of a two-part blog post series. In a previous blog post, we discussed the ability of a brand’s Facebook updates to reach its audience in an organic manner. To extend beyond organic and viral reach, Business Pages can utilize the advertising features within Facebook. Among the benefits of doing so is the chance for your updates and the brand itself to be exposed to a broader audience.

The first question a brand manager may have, however, is “Why would I pay to have a presence in Facebook?” Facebook has historically been a social media channel that allows you to reach prospects and existing customers free of cost. So why start paying now?

To answer that question, let’s look at the fundamental components of Facebook Ads:

Read More

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