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July 21 2014

Experiencing a Decline in Organic Reach on Facebook? Take Action Now

by Chris Naff

There has been a lot of discussion across the Internet recently regarding the reach, or lack thereof, that brands experience when posting updates to Facebook. As a result, many marketers have expressed their frustration of the declining ability to reach their audience on the world’s largest social network. In response, Facebook’s Brian Boland, head of the Ads Product Marketing Team, addressed these concerns in a lengthy but informative post to the company’s Product News page. You can find it here. Since this post, many people appear to have misinterpreted what Mr. Boland was explaining.

Specifically, the concern for many marketers is that organic reach (the ability of your brand’s updates to be seen by your audience on Facebook for free) is purposefully being diminished by the social network in hopes that more brands will succumb to seemingly overt pressure to pay to promote their posts to a wider audience.

That, however, does not appear to be the case. Organic reach is in fact declining for many brands, but it requires an analysis of the current environment on Facebook to understand why this is happening – and what you can do about it.

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