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October 1 2021

Social Media Is Dead to You if You Are One of These Networks

by April Nelson

In 2021, these six social networks are dead. While they pioneered some of the technology that powers the dominant social channels today, these once-thriving channels could not adapt and survive among a growing field of social media competitors. How did they die and where are they now?
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September 20 2021

Six Long-Running Social Channels That Are Dead in 2021

by April Nelson

At one point, these were all popular social networking sites with devoted users. See who is on the list and who had the most longevity.

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August 9 2021

Facebook to Change How Businesses Can Advertise to Young People

by Jill Goldstein

In late July, Instagram announced changes that they would be making to ensure they are creating an environment that is safe and private for young people. Those changes include:

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