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April 25 2018

Google Updates its Advertising Ecosystem to Create a Better Search Experience

by Serina Fignole

During 2017, the world experienced brand safety issues, fake news and highly publicized extremist content plaguing various ad networks. In the same year, over 3.2 billion ads were taken down by Google for violating their Advertising policies, which is nearly twice the amount from 2016. Among the ads taken were:

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January 18 2017

Fake News Sites & How You’re Feeding the Frenzy

by Jill Goldstein

Fake “news” sites are becoming more of a hot topic of conversation ever since Google, Facebook & Twitter faced harsh backlash for allegedly publishing false “news” during the 2016 presidential election. Unfortunately in today’s age, the crazier the story, the greater the interest. And in a world where eyeballs equal advertising dollars, the reading and sharing of these sites are truly becoming big business. In fact, it’s estimated that these websites are now generating between $10,000 and $30,000 a month from advertising alone.

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