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February 8 2010

Make your Twitter Profile more Followable

by Michael Buczek

Twitter is proving to be one of the most popular and used social media channels in existence.  Everyone from teens to businesses are using it to spread their message.  As a business,+ one of the most difficult things about Twitter is finding relevant users to follow you.  Here are a few tips that you can use to make your Twitter profile more “followable”.

  • Create a custom background – This shows that you have taken the time to create a look that matches the company personality, or reflects the company website or logo.  Twitter profiles with templated backgrounds show users that you have not fully gotten on board with Twitter.
  • Create a custom avatar(profile picture) – This can be as simple as using the company logo.  Again, not having a custom avatar shows little creativity and lack of care.
  • Retweet your current followers – Retweeting shows interaction and can be enticing to many users.  Retweeting your followers can also lead to some reciprocal Tweeting from your followers.  Think of it this way, the more you give, the more you can get.
  • Offer specials or contests – Specials and contests are a great way to entice new followers and re-energize older ones.  You don’t have to give away the farm, but small gestures can go a long way. 
  • Try to balance your following/followed by ratio – Try to have a fifty fifty split of followers and those you follow.  If you have too many followers and you don’t follow that many people, it can show that you aren’t interested in starting a conversation but only interested in forcing your message.  Conversely, if you follow too many people and not many follow you, it can appear that you are just looking for leads instead of really wanting to participate.

If you haven’t yet gotten involved with Twitter, you may be missing out on some great information about your business.  Use the above tips to make sure your Twitter profile will be interesting to those who see it.

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