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August 7 2008

Forrester Buys Jupiter Research

by MoreVisibility

Forrester Research purchased rival Jupiter Research for $23 million.  The deal unites two of the major names in technology research and analysis.  Both companies specialize in research and advice for IT firms and manufacturers.  Jupiter will be absorbed into Forrester’s marketing and strategy client group, and both companies will operate under the single Forrester banner. Forrester plans to bring in all of Jupiter’s employees and clients.  Prior to the purchase, Jupiter had 82 employees. In 2007, the company logged revenues of roughly $14 million.  Forrester has some 1,000 employees, and brought in around $212 million in revenue last year. 

Not only has Forrester absorbed one of their main competitors, but they have likely improved their services.  Jupiter has built out a pretty niche market for them in providing very detailed analytical reporting for many aspects of SEO and SEM.

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