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September 18 2023

An Open Letter to Google Ads Advertisers

by April Nelson

September 18, 2023

An Open letter to Google Ads Advertiser

To me, the most important thing when a Google search takes place is to figure out what the user’s “why” is, the intent behind their query. With decades of experience on the front line of search, a trend I have seen consistently is that digital advertisers want nothing to do with irrelevant impressions of their ads and the wasted dollars that can come along with it.

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August 16 2023

Gaining Deeper Insights into Performance Max Search Volume and Activity

by Jill Goldstein

As search engine marketers, we’re always on the lookout for ways to extract deeper insights from our campaigns in the effort of elevating performance. Enter Performance Max—an innovative approach that empowers us to tap into the full potential of Google Ads. However, with great innovation came great mystery. These campaigns were immediately effective in generating strong performance; however no one knew how. Over time, Google has slowly started to roll out new ways to gain deeper understanding of why these campaigns are working so well. The latest update has to do with search.

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August 8 2023

Embracing Data-Driven Attribution in Google Ads

by Monica Simmons

Back in 2021, Google announced that data-driven attribution would become the default attribution model for all new Google Ads conversion actions. So, why does this matter now? Up until recently, advertisers still had the option to use several rules-based attribution models for their conversion actions – but this is about to change.

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