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May 2 2023

Performance Max Asset Specifications Quick Reference Guide

by April Nelson

When you are creating your Performance Max ads, keep in mind that Google will select from your assets to create the best ad for each user on the fly, so your assets should all be able to work together to form a cohesive message. Here is a quick reference of the asset types and specifications for each.

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April 26 2023

Understanding Performance Max with the Insights Page

by Jill Goldstein

When advertisers began using Performance Max campaigns, early adopters had one primary complaint: a lack of insight into who was seeing ads, what searches ads were shown for and what channels were performing well. While the later question is still somewhat unknown, the Insights Page has evolved over time and has been extremely useful in helping answer some of these key questions about Performance Max campaigns. The Insights Page can be found by clicking into your Performance Max campaign and navigating to the “Insights” tab found in the left navigation.

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April 18 2023

Getting Started with Performance Max Campaigns is Quick and Easy

by April Nelson

Google Ads Performance Max is a relatively new campaign type that uses machine learning models to generate conversions. It provides a “unified buying service” to all Google Ads inventory, meaning that your ads show across all Google properties. With little time investment, one campaign can have your ads created and running across YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps!

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