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May 20 2024

Salesforce and Google Analytics (GA4) Integration – New for 2024!

by Theo Bennett

CRM integration with Google Analytics (GA4) has always been an advanced technique that, when implemented, let’s savvy practitioners optimize their site’s UX, Marketing, and Content to what really matters: more revenue.

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May 15 2024

Google Admits to Tweaking Advertising Auctions for Revenue Goals

by Jill Goldstein

In September 2023, Google admitted to making frequent adjustments to the auctions it uses to sell search ads, resulting in increased costs for advertisers, sometimes up to 5% on average and even 10% for certain queries. Jerry Dischler, a Google Ad executive, revealed this during a federal antitrust trial, mentioning that Google typically doesn’t inform advertisers about these pricing changes.

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May 3 2024

New Ways to Gain More Control & Deeper Insights into Your Performance Max Campaigns

by Jill Goldstein

Google has recently announced more innovations to Performance Max campaigns. The new features below continue to leverage Google AI and offer enhanced control and insights for advertisers.

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