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April 5 2022

What’s Up with Keyword Match Types These Days?

by Jill Goldstein

It’s not just you, the search queries you’re seeing in your search term report does not align with how you would presume the search engines would be matching searches to your keywords given your selected match types. Within the past year, there has been a shift in how search engines are matching search queries (what people are typing into the search bar) to keywords. There are now more search queries then ever matching to keywords. This is because Google’s machine learning and artificial intelligence is improving. Google now understands the meaning and intent behind searches, which allows the engine to understand similar searches that don’t necessarily include the same words.

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March 21 2022

Intro to Google Ads New Campaign Type: Performance Max

by Monica Simmons

Google continues to broaden its advertising opportunities as machine learning and artificial intelligence become more and more sophisticated.

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January 5 2022

My Top 3 PPC New Year’s Resolutions

by Jill Goldstein

There’s something I just love about a new year. The idea of a fresh start and new beginnings really does energize me personally and professionally. While staying on top of my family’s laundry tops the list of personal goals, I have a list of 3 work related resolutions to keep my PPC campaigns thriving in 2022.

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