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August 13 2019

Google’s Gallery Ads (Beta) Are Now Available Globally

by Serina Fignole

According to Google, 75% of smartphone users expect to get immediate information while searching on their smartphone. To keep pace with this consumer behavior, Google has recently announced the global roll-out of their newest addition to Google Ads’ list of available ad units – Gallery Ads (Beta).

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June 19 2019

Campaign-Level Conversion Actions Now Live for Google Search & Display Campaigns

by Caitlin Gioia

What does this mean? Up until now, conversion action settings applied account wide.

Yes, you had the availability to segment by conversion type at the campaign level, but all counted conversions were totaled up in the “Conversions” column. You were not able to choose which conversion actions to optimize against at the campaign level.

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May 1 2019

Moving from Last-Click to Position-Based Attribution Modeling

by Fiorella Öxndal

On the path to a conversion, a user may conduct multiple searches and interact with multiple ads from the same advertiser. Google Ads’ attribution models allow the advertiser to control how the “conversion credit” is split amongst the various searched keywords that participated in the conversion process.

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