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January 17 2019

New Google Ads Device Target – TV Screens

by Charlie Scholz

Campaign device targeting and bid adjustments are nothing new to the Google Ads platform. However, there is a new placement that is now given the same targeting treatment as Desktop, Mobile and Tablet… TV Screens.

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October 4 2018

MoreVisibility’s Fall Google Workshop Returns to Deerfield Beach, FL

by Serina Fignole

It’s that time of year once again – MoreVisibility’s Fall Google workshop is returning to Deerfield Beach, FL. If you want to gain insights on how to effectively reach your audience online and leverage all that Google’s network has to offer, then join Google and MoreVisibility on Wednesday, October 10 for Reach. Engage. Convert: Rebooted!.

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August 29 2018

Google Ads Parallel Tracking – How it Works

by Jason Brewster

Why Should I Care About Parallel Tracking

It is important to be aware of the new parallel tracking feature because it will be the required, primary tracking method for browsers that support it at the end of October 2018.

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