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July 3 2018

Do Not Search For Your Own Ads!

by Chuck Forbes

The most tempting thing to do when your Search Ads launch is of course, go to Google and search terms that would trigger your ad to show up. It’s a simple check and balances right? My marketing agency told me my ads are live, let me search some of the keywords we agreed upon and ensure I have a presence to the audience I am trying to reach. While it seems innocent, I strongly advise against this.

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July 2 2018

Google AdWords Becomes Google Ads

by Serina Fignole

In 2000, Google launched AdWords, a platform for running text ads on desktop Search, with roughly 350 advertisers. During that time, AdWords offered the most technologically advanced features that enabled advertisers to quickly design a flexible program to achieve their digital marketing goals.

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June 27 2018

How to Use Targeting Settings in Google AdWords

by Jill Goldstein

The Google Display Network (GDN) has a growing list of ways to reach potential customers. To do so, we can target audiences (in-market audiences, affinity audiences, demographics, etc.) or content (topics, keywords, etc.). To take that a step further, we can layer different types of targeting to truly pinpoint a subset of users or we can simply observe how different types of people interact with our ads. This is where the very important distinction between targeting settings come into play.

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