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December 21 2016

6 Tips for Writing Great AdWords Ads

by Shanine Dorta

Writing compelling ad copy can be challenging. Writing compelling ad copy while being limited to a certain number of characters may seem impossible.

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November 28 2016

How to Use AdWords to Drive Offline Sales with Online Ads

by Max Braglia

Today, the line between online and offline shopping is disappearing – fast. Consumers shop anytime, everywhere, and on any available devices.

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August 24 2016

Making Data Great Again: RLSA Edition

by Jill Goldstein

The Google AdWords platform provides very good data. It’s enough to determine how your ads are performing, what’s working and what can be improved. But what if I told you that there was one simple change that can make your data not just good, but great? This simple change will open doors… rather, break down walls, to increased optimization opportunities and conversion potential. And guess what? It won’t cost you a thing.

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