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August 15 2016

A Guide to Creating Views & Filters in Google Analytics

by Shanine Dorta

Google Analytics offers different ways to look at website or application traffic data, which may help online business owners and marketers better understand how to reach and convert more site visitors. Furthermore, correctly using views and filters is very smart and will improve the accuracy of your data.

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February 10 2016

Have You Noticed Differences in Impressions Between Google Search Console and its Google Analytics Integration?

by Jason Brewster

The good news is, it’s not just you! When Google Search Console was updated from Google Webmaster Tools they changed a few key concepts which we will go over.Read More

January 7 2016

How to Enable Valuable Reporting in Google Analytics

by Jason Brewster

While Google Analytics offers immense value and enables brands to observe onsite behavior and channel attribution, there are additional, non-standard reports available that can be activated with relative ease. These reports show data for both demographics & interests, and benchmarking behavior.

These features have been available for some time now, but surprisingly few web properties enable them. The first non-standard reports that we will explore are the Demographics reports.Read More

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