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May 19 2016

Goal Tracking in Google Analytics

by Jason Brewster

Goal tracking is a critical aspect of Google Analytics reporting. It moves the analysis from the: “Did we get more traffic?” frame of mind to: “Is the traffic we are getting valuable?” Unfortunately there are several brands that either fail to measure goals, or fail to implement them correctly. Following is a list of some of the common mistakes we see every day.

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May 16 2016

The Google Analytics Real-Time Reports

by Grant Marlowe

The Real-Time reports are one of the most helpful tools available in web analytics (in my opinion). Not so much for basing your marketing decisions on, but for validating all of your incoming data. In today’s world we all want to make data-driven decisions, and while this is a good strategy to work toward, the last thing you want to do is base an important business decision on inaccurate data!

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April 28 2016

Google Analytics Releases the User Explorer Report

by Grant Marlowe

A new reporting tool has recently surfaced in Google Analytics under the Audience reporting tab. The User Explorer reports take a big step closer towards analyzing traffic at the individual user level. This has been a long time requested feature in Google Analytics (GA) and at this point it has been released in a BETA version which you can find right under the Cohort Analysis report (also in the Audience section).

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