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April 20 2016

3 Valuable Reports in Google Analytics

by Tony Fazzini

Setting up Google Analytics is an important step in learning more about your website and how users interact with your content. While many companies set up the reporting, it often goes under-utilized or ignored which defeats the purposes of gathering all of this useful data. So what reports are valuable in Google Analytics? Following are three recommended reports that are great starting points.

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January 7 2016

How to Enable Valuable Reporting in Google Analytics

by Jason Brewster

While Google Analytics offers immense value and enables brands to observe onsite behavior and channel attribution, there are additional, non-standard reports available that can be activated with relative ease. These reports show data for both demographics & interests, and benchmarking behavior.

These features have been available for some time now, but surprisingly few web properties enable them. The first non-standard reports that we will explore are the Demographics reports.Read More

January 11 2013

Excellent Analytics for Google Analytics

by Maeve Greenaway

Google Analytics API has multiple reporting tools, one of them being Excellent Analytics. Marketers did you know about the Excel plugin that pulls your data from Google Analytics into Excel sheets?

To start this integration you can use this free tool called Excellent Analytics. Excellent Analytics is easy to install by clicking the download button at the top of the page.

Use Excellent Analytics to automate reporting and spend more time exploring in Google Analytics.

Measurements within Excellent Analytics include:

  • Time span: Use to set up daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Dimensions: Are displayed in rows such as landing pages and time dimensions.
  • Metrics: Visits, visit bounce rate, goal completions and revenue. Metrics are shown as the values in these reports.
  • Filters: Exact match, regular expressions, phrase match and broad match.
  • Additional advanced segmentation can be applied as offered in Google Analytics.

Once you have customized measurements for your report, choose the profile(s) the report will be run for. If there is more than one profile, Excellent Analytics will display a report for each profile side by side on the same spreadsheet. The Execute button will trigger these reports to start collecting data and your automated reporting will begin. The data will be collected and exported into Excel. Excellent Analytics is convenient, because the range with headers can be used for pivot tables and other marketing charts.

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