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February 13 2023

Say Goodbye to Google Optimize

by April Nelson

With the end date of Universal Analytics upon us, Google has been sunsetting related products that work based on the underlying UA JavaScript and one of these products is Google Optimize. After September 30, 2023, both the free and paid (360) versions of Google Optimize will no longer be available.

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January 31 2023

Why You Should Use BigQuery for Your GA4 Data

by Harrison Mateika

Before GA4, a connection from Google Analytics to BigQuery was only available for those that paid for the Analytics 360 version. However, with GA4, a free connector was made available to all users, allowing Google to open BigQuery to all businesses. Undoubtedly, this is a business-savvy move for Google, since it allows them to attain revenue from the cost of querying and storing data on the platform. However, despite the cost, this gives businesses the ability to access a phenomenal tool that can help them scale up their data analysis on their GA4 data should they have the specialized expertise available. Here are a few reasons why you should use BigQuery with your GA4 data.

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October 5 2022

Google Analytics 4 Learnings and Challenges to Overcome

by Matt Crowley

Our team has been working on GA4 implementations since the product was released (and even before with it’s predecessor, App + Web tracking). There are many significant improvements with GA4, and it is a great platform. However, any new platform brings new challenges.

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