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April 17 2020

When In Doubt, Check the Facts

by Khrysti Nazzaro

Our current social isolation, global pandemic circumstances are causing confusion for more than just the obvious (and most critical) reasons. After many marketers secured the essentials they personally needed, and established a safe work and living space for themselves and their families, their minds quickly turned to how their brands should respond and communicate at this unprecedented time.

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March 10 2020

Google Analytics Loses Service Provider Dimension

by Theo Bennett

Like the October 8, 2011 announcement that Google would begin to stop the practice of passing a user’s organic search term to Google Analytics; the deprecation of the Service Provider dimension on February 4th, 2020 may live on with similar disdain. While we mourned the loss of the search keywords data that helped value our SEO efforts; at least there was a reason – better security and privacy.

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October 24 2019

3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Google Tag Manager

by Serina Fignole

Google Tag Manager can be difficult to understand but is a beneficial tool for Digital Marketers to easily track the success of their campaign efforts. However, it easy to make mistakes when first setting up Google Tag Manager.

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