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February 4 2021

Replacing lost Google Analytics Reports – In-page Analytics Substitute

by Theo Bennett

Google is constantly updating Google Analytics and while most are great incremental updates or game changing announcements like GA4; some are not as warmly received. Take the deprecation announcement in 2017 of the in-page analytics report (previously the Site Overlay report). This trusty report would show you click and conversion data overlayed against the actual pages of your site served in the GA interface. Due to ever-changing browser security issues, this report just didn’t work properly and Google created the Page Analytics Extension for Chrome. That said, this extension also does not always work, and it was also deprecated later in 2017. (The extension is still available, just not supported or improved.)

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February 2 2021

Connecting GA4 to your existing Universal Analytics Property

by Tony Villanova

Recently, you may have received an email about connecting your new GA4 Property to your Universal Analytics Property.

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October 28 2020

Analytics Account Change History Update

by Tony Villanova

Recently Google rolled out an update to the Change History section that can be found under the Account column in your Admin area.

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