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October 23 2007

Google Analytics Cranks Out Yet Another Update

by MoreVisibility

After five months of getting used to the new analytics interface, Google figured it was time to shake things up again. The following three changes are on the horizon:

Site Search – Expanding upon current Site Search capabilities, we will now be able to get data on keywords, categories, and products across time and user segments.

Event Tracking — With this addition, you will now be able to tag and track Flash and Ajax events. I can tell you from experience how difficult it is to really track traffic from Flash sites.

Tagless Outbound Link Tacking — This feature will allow for users to track their exit links (links that visitors clicked on that take them to another website).

Although these features will start in beta, many in the industry see this as a pioneer move for Google to set themselves apart from their competitors, making their’s the metric tool of choice. This just goes to show how vital it is to incorporate Analytics into your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaigns. With the data this program can provide, there is no end to the value it can bring with your SEM efforts!

July 30 2007

Microsoft Sprung a Leak

by MoreVisibility

The secret is out: Microsoft is developing an analytics tool for Adcenter that will compete directly with Google Analytics. The information was leaked a few days ago by Dave Naylor, who learned of the analytics tool (codenamed “Gatineau”) at a Microsoft briefing in London. Somehow he got a hold of some screen shots and published them on his blog. This prompted a blog response from Ian Thomas, a Microsoft rep involved in Gatineau’s development and transition to the market. According to Thomas, Microsoft was about to make a public announcement about the tool when the leak occurred.

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May 16 2007

Google Analytics Gets a Face Lift

by MoreVisibility

As many have already witnessed, Google Analytics has updated their interface to create a more user-friendly environment. One of the biggest changes is the new dashboard, which can now be customized to show a number of preferred reports at sign-on. Reports and graphs may be dragged and dropped to create a personalized home page within the interface, assisting in making the most pertinent information available at a glance.

The new interface has become easier to navigate as well by allowing use of the back button and adding links to related sections from within each report. Moving around within the interface is very natural feeling now, and less clicks are required to jump from report to report. Some newer features include automatically e-mailed reports and better designed graphs of analytics information.

New Internet advertisers can now easily take advantage of this quality analytics software thanks to simplified terminology and easy to find descriptions available in the new interface. This new platform also helps us to share information with our own clients more easily and with less training. Google Analytics is currently one of the most robust analytics programs on the Internet. With increased competition for keywords and positioning, quality programs like this have become an imperative step in the creation of a successful PPC program.

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