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April 12 2007

New Color for Google Sponsored Ads

by MoreVisibility

Starting last week, Google has begun displaying its top Sponsored Ads with a light yellow background. This is a big change from the traditional blue background that we are accustomed to seeing.

“First, we thought it was time for a new look: after months of testing, we decided to switch the background color of the top ads from blue to yellow,” said Daniel Dulitz, Product Manager for the ads user interface.

There has also been a change to the Top Sponsored Ads box itself. Now, users must click on the actual text link to visit that particular advertiser’s website, rather than clicking anywhere inside of the box.

Dulitz and his team feel that both of these changes will help improve on the quality of clicks, while helping the most relevant ads become more visible.

Google has introduced a change to the top sponsored search ads, a yellow background color. Below is a screenshot of Google’s new background color on the Top Sponsored Ads:

Google Yellow Background

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