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November 11 2022

Google Data Studio is Now Looker Studio: What Does this Mean?

by Harrison Mateika

On October 12th, Google announced that their flagship dashboard platform Data Studio will be rebranded as Looker Studio. This raises many questions, but the most immediate one is: what has changed?

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May 26 2020

Case Else Functions & Formulas for Google Data Studio

by Tony Villanova

Data Studio from Google is an awesome data visualization tool. With its ever growing list of features there may be a few that have flown under your radar. One of those features is creating your own formulas which is what I am going to expand on.

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March 19 2019

Version History in Google Data Studio Now Available!

by Tony Villanova

Data Studio makes creating visually appealing and interactive reports a cinch, it can also cause a headache if anyone edits the report or makes changes and accidentally breaks the report or data source. This has been a hurdle to get over when issues arise, until now.

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