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February 27 2009

Google Maps Enhances Results

by Emily Creech

Have you noticed anything different about Google Maps recently?   If you have searched for something in Google Maps, you may have noticed the small sized map markers that are appearing in addition to the usual top 10 listed. This new layer of results enables you to have information about additional business locations relevant to your search, near your area of interest. The normal top 10 listings remain on the left side of the page and have the corresponding larger marker on the map. The addition is the smaller red markers, which represent more locations pertinent to your search.   When you click on the small markers, additional information about that result will appear, just as it will when you click on the larger markers.

For example, when doing a search for “Grocery Store, Boca Raton”, you will see something similar to the screenshot below.   This new feature eliminates the need for the searcher to scroll through multiple pages of results to see additional listings.  


This can be beneficial, as it may alert you of locations that are closer to you than expected.   In areas where there may be numerous relevant results, wouldn’t it be nice to know what is closest, so that you don’t have to travel a longer distance than necessary?   This new feature can help point out those locations.

If you’ve ever wondered how densely populated a particular area is with a certain business, you can find out this approximate information as well.   Below is an example of a search for “Publix, Florida”.  


Currently this is only available on, but it is likely to expand to additional domains as well.

February 27 2009

Local Search Marketing and the Smartphone

by Gerard Tollefsen

I was reading an article the other day about the expected increase in local search advertising over the next four to five years.  According to a report by the Kelsey Group, local search advertising revenue will increase to $1.3 billion by 2013, up from a conservative $20 million this year.  The increase sounds staggering, considering the figures go against conventional theories that this down economy will be around longer than expected.

But as I thought about it more, I believe the increase in local search advertising will be significant regardless of the economy and the main reason why: the Smartphone!  With more and more people using Smartphone technologies like the iPhone, the Blackberry, and Palm, I expect to see a big increase in local search marketing over the next few years.  I cannot put a dollar figure on it (The Kelsey Group already has), but just look around and the signs are all over the place.  The technology with the web based, super fast 3G network phones makes it much more palpable to use your phone to search the web.  The screens are larger than ever, they are in full color and have full keyboards!  We are moving toward a time where it is actually less convenient to walk up stairs and turn on your pc, than to simply jump online from your Smartphone.  When you are truly “on the go”, these phones can completely replace your home computer for online functionality.  Instead of calling for information (say goodbye to 411), you can just as easily go online from your phone to find whatever you need — you are doing a local search!

If you are a business owner, you ought to get onboard with local search marketing as soon as possible.  Make sure you have your local listings in Google Maps and Yahoo’s local business listing formats.  You might find your business is already there, and if so, make sure all the information is up to date and accurate.  If you are not listed, be sure to add your business listing and provide as much information as they allow you to put in your profile.  If they allow a photo, use a nice picture of your building, or use your company logo.  While you’re at it, check some of the other local business finders (think Yellow Pages online and similar sites) and make sure your company information is accurate and up to date on those sites as well.  Remember, more and more people are using these Smartphones every day and they will be one of the biggest drivers in local search activity over the next few years.

September 21 2007

Local Search

by MoreVisibility

Wouldn’t it be great if every click or impression resulted in a sale? One of my goals as a search engine marketing strategist is to help my clients achieve as many sales as possible. The first step to ensuring that happens is to drive traffic to their website via the search engines. However, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring that the traffic results in qualified leads.

It should come as no surprise that the search engine marketing industry is becoming more and more competitive every day. With more competitors coming into the picture and with Google changing their CPC bidding structure, how can the small to midsize businesses compete with the corporate players?

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