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September 30 2009

Google Opportunities

by Nydia Davis

Google has created yet another tool to assist advertisers with optimization of their Google Adwords campaigns. Recently, Google rolled out the Opportunities tab within the new Adwords interface. The Opportunities tab is intended to help advertisers discover new ways to improve their campaign’s efficiency.

Google automatically lists their suggestions within the Opportunities tab. Listings alert advertisers that they have recognized suggestions from Google that may benefit your account. The Opportunities tab is a central location for keyword and budget optimization ideas across the Google Adwords account.

The two types of opportunities that the tab currently suggests are keyword and budget ideas. Keyword ideas are linked to ad groups and can help advertisers receive more impressions and clicks. This new tool analyzes the volume of Google searches that could be captured with new keywords; if those keywords are added, the campaign has more ad exposure and gains the attention of more potential customers.

Budget ideas show the amount of ad traffic available and are only visible for campaigns that are meeting or exceeding their current budget. Google reviews how many searches your ad could appear on and then recommends a budget amount that could help you reach that potential.
Since the Google Opportunities are automated, it’s possible that you will see some suggestions that may not be pertinent or do not suit your business objectives. All optimization “opportunities” should be reviewed thoroughly before implementation.

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