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October 5 2012

Update to the Google Shopping Transition

by Anne Garcia

Earlier this summer we reported that Google Merchant will transition to Google Shopping by this fall. Google has announced that starting on October 17th, Google Shopping results in the United States will come only from merchants who have Product Listing Ads (PLA) implemented within their AdWords accounts.

The search engine will rank PLA results based on relevance and will also take CPC or CPA bidding into consideration. Google says that one of the reasons for the migration is to build a better shopping experience for its users.

Google has also announced the ability of product level bidding for PLA campaigns. Advertisers will be able to set CPCs at the item level. In addition, it is now possible to create product targets using the product ID in your Merchant Center feed to manage your bids at the product level. What’s more, a new Merchant Center tab will be available within AdWords for advertisers to be better equipped to manage PLA campaigns.

The transition to Google Shopping is just in time for the holiday season. Ecommerce sites that have seen revenue from Google Merchant organic clicks should implement Product Listing Ad campaigns in time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and holiday online shopping.

August 6 2012

Updates to Product Listing Ads and Google Shopping

by Anne Garcia

Google is in the midst of completing its transition from Google Merchant to Google Shopping and has made numerous changes from the old, free-click model to the new paid platform. Google is now showing results on the right hand side of the search engine results page (SERP) with mutiple Product Listing Ads (PLA) from Google shopping results in the same row. In the past, PLAs were stacked one on top of each other, as previously shown here.

Once the searcher clicks on the link to shop for the specific item on Google, the searcher is taken to a Google Shopping page where the item is categorized by most popular. Another feature to note is that Google tells the user how many nearby stores have the item in stock. Google uses the searcher’s location to find nearby Google Places that have the item in stock.


From there, when applicable, Google will give the user the option to shop by brand, type or by feature. In the example of the query of a digital camera, Google showed the user various digital camera brands, types of digital cameras, and different resolution options.

In addition, at the bottom of the SERP, the search engine has added the following disclaimer: Google is compensated by some of these merchants. Payment is one of several factors used to rank these results. Tax and shipping costs are estimates.
It will be interesting to see what other changes the new Google Shopping paid platform will have before its full transition by the fall.

July 18 2012

Google Shopping Now Available on Mobile and Tablet Devices

by Anne Garcia

Google AdWords recently began to transition its Merchant Center platform to a paid model called Google Shopping at the end of June. The shift is expected to be complete by the end of October and the search engine has advised merchants to set up Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaigns in order to remain visible within the Google Shopping network. Now Google has announced that Google Shopping will be available for both smartphones and tablets in the United States (note that the Merchant Center transition only occurred within the U.S.).

Google says that these new devices will help businesses reach customers while they are shopping.  Indeed, many consumers use mobile devices to research upcoming purchases as well as utilize these devices as price comparison tools within brick and mortar locations. Google Shopping for mobile and tablet devices will make it easier for customers to find and compare different products, just like on desktop computers. In addition, the product images give shoppers quick visual comparisons while shopping various products. Tablet devices will have search refinements which will help filter by brands, features and pricing so shoppers have a better experience and find what they are looking for easily.

To target mobile and tablet devices, in the Settings tab of your PLA campaign, make sure that you select to target mobile and tablet devices with full browsers.

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