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April 19 2016

Implementing Cross Domain Tracking Via Google Tag Manager

by Grant Marlowe

A topic which generates some confusion and brings in lot of questions is cross domain tracking.

What is it?
Do I need it?
How do I set it up?

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March 15 2016

Google Analytics 360 Announcement

by Jason Brewster

Today Google announced the biggest news since the inception of its paid analytics service, “Google Analytics Premium.” This shows that Google is going to be kicking it up a notch with its enterprise-level service offerings and promises to reveal many exciting new features upon release.

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January 12 2016

Easy Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking with Google Tag Manager

by Theo Bennett

Back in September, we posted a video where I spoke about the benefits of cross domain tracking in Google Analytics. A few weeks ago, we had a commenter ask this great follow up question:

Thanks for that – Glad it’s easy to do. Instructions for how to do it would be great

This post intends to answer this question by using Google Tag Manager (GTM).Read More

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