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July 6 2023

Search Engines Embedding Generative AI into Search Results

by Matt Crowley

At this point, most all of us are familiar with and have already tried out some form of generative AI. Whether it’s been ChatGPT or Bard, this technology has made its way to the mainstream public. This has created a lot of hype in the public about these new technologies. I’m constantly encountering people outside of the search and marketing industries that are talking about how they are testing out these platforms.

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January 12 2023

Should You Use AI to Generate Content for SEO?

by Ashley Scharber

The future is here. What once seemed like something only possible in Sci-Fi movies, artificial intelligence has gone mainstream. AI is now commonly used in a wide variety of applications and is part of everyday life.

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December 19 2022

Google Introduces Continuous Scroll for Desktop Searches

by Ashley Scharber

On December 5, 2022, Google introduced continuous scroll for desktop searches. Now, instead of having designated pages that users view one at a time, they see a continuous stream of results as they scroll. The announcement comes about 1 year after introducing continuous scroll for mobile searches.

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