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March 14 2018

Google Confirms Core Algorithm Update to Search Engine

by Josh Wehniainen

If you noticed a shift in your organic search rankings on Google over the past week, you are not alone. Many websites reported changes in their organic rankings, some good and some negative. Google has confirmed the reason for these changes; a core algorithm update to Google’s search engine.

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October 31 2017

MoreVisibility Continues Focus on Education by Offering a Complimentary Digital Marketing Webinar Series

by Serina Fignole

With advances in tracking, artificial intelligence and predictive technologies, it can seem difficult to always stay on top of Google’s platforms’ increasingly sophisticated options. On October 11, 2017 MoreVisibility, alongside Google product experts, hosted a successful live event that brought South Florida marketers the latest information and tips to improve digital strategies.

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September 14 2017

A Guide for Writing Ad Copy That Captures Your Audience’s Attention

by Serina Fignole

Figuring out the perfect technique to help your ads stand out can be a huge undertaking. You may not be sure if your headline should focus on what your brand offers or why a user should select it over a competitor. To ensure your ads capture your audience’s attention, follow this 4-step process.

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