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February 16 2012

Google’s Privacy Policy

by German Parra

A few weeks ago, Google announced an update to its Privacy Policy. The new policy will allow Google to combine data gathered from all its 70+ services. This means that if users have Google+, Gmail, and YouTube accounts; Google will treat each signed-in Google user as a single user across all its products. At the same time, users will have the option to opt out, adjust or delete information collected by Google; this will be possible using the Ads Preferences Manager.

With this policy, Google has the ability to deliver more relevant search engine results pages to a user’s query. This will be the case for Paid Ads as well.

But how is this going to work? You may ask. — Allow me to illustrate with following example:
A user has expressed interest on jeeps on his Google+, he watches jeep videos on YouTube, and received emails on his Gmail account about new jeep soft tops. When this user searches on for the query “bikini top” Google may display ads for bikini tops for jeep instead of the clothing related query.

The same will happen with SEO, staying with the “bikini top” scenario, Google may rank jeep stores that sell bikini soft tops versus any clothing store selling bikinis.

Overall, Google’s new privacy policy will benefit advertisers all across the globe. It will help advertisers to connect to their audience based on their interests. Search results rankings will also benefit from this new policy since Google will have a better understanding of its users.

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