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June 17 2008

Green is the new black

by MoreVisibility

I like to think of myself as an environmentally conscious person, although I must admit that this past year my awareness of “going green” has taken on a whole new existence. I pay attention to things that never would have fazed me in the past and try to be extra conscious of being friendly to the environment. When MoreVisibility went green in January of 2008, we were all pretty excited to become more aware of how we, as a company, could help to better protect our environment. Little things, such as no longer utilizing plastic plates/utensils or Styrofoam cups, as well as only having recycled paper towels on hand, are not really “little things” when you have a staff of over 40. I have had many conversations of late with friends and family as to whether or not they recycle at their place of business (or at home) and unfortunately most do not. Our new company Green Business Alliance focuses on teaching businesses what is involved in becoming green and the importance of doing so.

Fortunately (for the environment especially) there are many companies who are focusing on sustainability. For example, Yahoo has their very own Green site now and MoreVisibility has a Green Visibility Directory that businesses can be listed in. Additionally, I was in a restaurant last weekend and could not help to notice the seal on the menu notating that the restaurant was “green certified”. There are also many online shoppers who are dedicated to the environment and will only buy products and/or services from companies who are green. Smart marketers are utilizing their online cost per click campaigns to capitalize on searchers who are more likely to become a client/customer if they see that the company they are clicking on is green.

I am extremely proud of our ongoing efforts at MoreVisibility with respect to going green and look forward to more of my clients’ following suit! Now is the time to GO GREEN!

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