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December 28 2018

Analytics & Measurement Round Up: The Best of 2018

by Serina Fignole

As 2018 comes to a close, MoreVisibility has decided to gather the most popular content we’ve published this year surrounding Analytics and measurement.

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February 22 2018

GTM Element Visibility Triggers – Understanding Promotion Visibility

by Jason Brewster

The majority of events that are deployed on a website are focused around a user clicking on an element, submitting a form, or scrolling to a certain point on a page. With the constant evolution of Google Tag Manager it has become possible to track when a user has viewed a specific element on the page.

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August 14 2014

How Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Work Together to Make Your Life Easier

by Tony Villanova

There seems to be some confusion between Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. In this post, I will discuss what Google Tag Manager is and what role it plays in Google Analytics.Read More

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