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June 29 2009

Google Analytics Goals Can Be Imported Into AdWords

by Sonya Wood

AdWords users know that Google offers conversion tracking; however one limitation has been that this conversion tracking did not distinguish between certain types of conversions. For example, if you had 2 offers, newsletter sign up and contact us form, AdWords conversion tracking could not determine which action was taken. In order to see this, you would need to then look into your Google Analytics and cross reference to see which goal was completed. It would even take a few more steps to determine which keyword got the conversion.

With the ability to import Google Analytics goals into your AdWords reporting, there is no need to continue to bounce back and forth between the two platforms to determine where the conversion came from. If your AdWords and analytics accounts are linked, it only takes a few simple steps to import your goals. Then you will easily be able to determine which keywords, ads and campaigns are generating specific conversions. This will help to tailor each campaign to reach your desired goal completion target.

There is no need to install AdWords conversion coding any longer. In fact, conversions could be counted twice if both the engine conversion coding and the analytics goal are recording the same event.

You can also integrate analytics goals with Conversion Optimizer, which is a tool that helps AdWords users get more conversions based on desired cost per acquisition(CPA). Leveraging all of the tools that are available, using them to interpret data and making informed decisions will help any online advertising reach its maximum potential.

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