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September 8 2009

Are Your Ads Making An Impression On Searchers?

by Ryan Faria

Late last week, I was asked by a client ‘How many searchers are actually seeing my ads?’  This is the eternal question advertisers have asked for years; the Google AdWords impression share report makes it possible to actually measure impressions within cost per click campaigns.

Not only does the impression share report give you data on the amount of impressions you have lost according to your rank, but also impressions lost due to budgetary constraints.  Impression share reports are useful for determining which campaign budgets should be increased to accommodate a larger amount of impressions.  More importantly, comparing impression share to your average position will give you an idea as to which keywords bids need to be increased.  A high average position will greatly lead to a lower impression share, as searchers are not able to find your ad.

Google’s impression share report can be accessed within the report section of an AdWords account.  This simple report can help you maximize your Google AdWords campaigns to their fullest potential.  Remember, impressions and clicks go hand in hand, don’t miss out on traffic.

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