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May 12 2010

Getting The Most out of Press Releases

by Michael Buczek

Whether you think so or not, every company has news.   From new product and service offerings, to the promotion of employees, every company can use these tidbits of information for press releases.   Once the press release is written, now you need to know what to do with it.   First, submit it through a feed service.   There are many to choose from on the web both free and paid.   The paid submission sites will give you more options in terms of distribution and analytics.   But, it is understandable that while you may be your own PR department, you may not have the budget to always do a paid distribution.   If this is the case, the free sites will suffice.  

After you have sent your press release via syndication services, it is important to also incorporate it into your site and your social media channels.   Post your release to your news page, your Facebook wall and Tweet it through your Twitter account.   Posting your release to your site and social media channels will give it maximum exposure to your fans, followers and website visitors.

When you submit your press release to multiple locations, you also have the chance of it being “picked up” or republished by many other websites.   It can then be reposted to other sites and you can receive benefits such as increased traffic and backlinks.   For the best possible chance of this, make sure your press release is well written and includes some links to the best pages of your site.

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