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August 8 2007

Engagement is the New Reach

by MoreVisibility

Have you ever imagined a time where the Internet would be more popular than Television? Well hold onto your seats, it looks like that time is near- at least when it comes to marketer’s media budgets. According to a recent article in MediaPost, Internet Ad spending is set to overtake all other media by 2011. 

For years, marketers have said that the best way to sell a product is to reach as many consumers as possible. Although reach is still important in today’s marketing world, engagement is the key – which is why marketers are turning more and more to the capabilities of the internet.  We would all like to imagine that the referees on the TV screen can hear us when we yell at them, but it is not true! Consumers cannot engage or participate with TV, radio, and/or print like they can with the Internet.

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