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August 17 2011

Mobile Audio Ads Are Always On the Move

by Katherine Bennett

Have you ever heard a song playing at the mall or in an elevator and a few minutes later that song was playing in your head?  Your focus wasn’t on the song, yet you still remembered it.  Hearing is a powerful tool that companies can use to their advantage. How? Companies can run mobile audio ads on internet radio to reach their target audience.

Mobile audio ads target consumers as they are going about their daily activities listening to music on their mobile devices.  Although mobile audio ads sound like traditional radio ads, the difference is that mobile audio ads play on internet radio which gives them key advantages over traditional radio ads.

  1. Mobility– Mobile audio ads can go where the users go. Most people take their cell phones everywhere and use their device as a music player.  For advertisers, there is an opportunity to reach people in places where traditional radio ads couldn’t reach them. For example: someone mowing their lawn, getting their car serviced, waiting in line at a store, etc., can be reached while they are listening to their mobile device.
  2. Demographic Targeting– Many internet radio providers have users sign-up for an account. Thus, companies can target listeners by demographics such as age, gender and location. Traditional radio can only assume the demographic of their listeners, since their listener don’t have to sign-in to listen to a station.
  3. Greater Reach and Versatility– Along with demographic targeting, advertisers are able to run on different radio stations. If an advertiser is focused on reaching a certain audience, then they can contract a media buy to reach that demographic no matter what station or what type of music they are listening too. This gives companies greater reach and gives them the opportunity to be heard by potential new customers, while reaching their target demographic.

Mobility, demographic targeting, greater reach and versatility are only a few of the advantages of experimenting with mobile ads on internet radio.  It’s worth a try, if your company is looking to expand upon its current internet marketing efforts.

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