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May 16 2022

The Anatomy of Successful Landing Pages

by Anthony Gallegos

A landing page can be any page that someone lands on after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action. Landing pages are stand-alone pages from your website and are designed to market one specific item heavily and drive up the sales for it. You can have a landing page to generate more leads by offering a free e-book, encourage a purchase by offering a coupon, or nurture a relationship by encouraging signups for a digital or live event.

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March 15 2022

The Resurrection of QR Codes

by Andrew Wetzler

Many would argue that the increase in popularity of QR codes shouldn’t be called a comeback. Even so, there is no denying that QR codes are thriving, in part, because of the pandemic. In a world where handing diners individual menus is no longer safe, the QR code has offered a welcomed solution. For businesses, the normalization of using QR codes has opened new opportunities for marketing, which is why it is worth taking a close look at this technology.

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September 9 2020

A New Tactic to Consider: LinkedIn Conversation Ads

by Andrea Hamilton

LinkedIn Conversation Ads are an evolution of a previously known ad type, Sponsored InMail. This iteration enables advertisers to engage with prospects in a more personal way. Think of it as the friendly conversation you’re having via any messaging device. It’s allowing you to do that in the LinkedIn platform and provides the user the ability to choose their own path and experience so that they can engage with your brand.

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