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May 9 2022

What is Offsite SEO and Why Does it Matter?

by Andrew Wetzler

Most people associate the term search engine optimization with keywords, but SEO goes well beyond incorporating keywords into website content. However, there are many off-site SEO factors that can influence whether search engines view your site as a trustworthy authority. To give your site the best chance at earning top-ranking slots, you will need to address both onsite and offsite SEO factors.

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April 11 2022

Use Brand Awareness for Better SEO Link Building

by Chuck Forbes

As part of your SEO strategy, a great plan for link building should be implemented. Link Building allows other relevant sites to link back to your site, or specific pages, highlighting products, services, and news. Search engines can calculate the number of links connected back to your site, as well as how authoritative those sites that are linking to yours are. The more traffic and credibility the sites have, the better chance you have to rank higher and successfully use link building to gain organic visibility.

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November 4 2020

Getting to Know Alexa, the SEO Tool

by April Nelson

Did you know that Alexa is related to an SEO tool by the same name?  Helping people find what they need from a massive amount of information is nothing new for Alexa. Many years before answering your questions through Echo, Alexa Internet company has been suggesting content and ranking websites. That’s right, Amazon’s assistant that wakes you up every morning, tells you the temperature, or streams your favorite podcast is related to an SEO tool. Alexa Internet was founded as an independent company in 1996 and acquired by Amazon in 1999, and is a wholly owned subsidiary.

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