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May 10 2023

LinkedIn Conversation Ads: A Quick Best Practices Guide

by Jill Goldstein

LinkedIn Conversation Ads are an effective way to engage with potential customers and drive efficient conversions. They allow you to create personalized and interactive ad experiences that encourage dialogue and build relationships with your audience. Below are some best practices to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn Conversation Ads.

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February 20 2023

9 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Ad Copy

by Sandra Ketcham

If it feels like you’re spending a lot of time and effort on your paid social media campaigns but you’re not seeing the return you want, take a close look at your ad copy.

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August 3 2022

Employee Engagement on LinkedIn Can Help Your Business

by Aifton Coleman

It’s been said before that LinkedIn is the new Facebook. More than ever people are sharing personal news and updates alongside their professional achievements. While taking my daily scroll through LinkedIn I’ve seen posts from connections outside of my network discussing everything from company culture to open positions, to a new baby. You may be asking yourself; how does this help a company? According to a 2022 Gallup State of the Global Workplace Study, business units with engaged workers have 23% higher profit than their counterparts. That’s an appealing percentage if you ask me.

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