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September 2 2009

Back to the Basics

by Michael Buczek

Let’s face it, social media is everywhere.   When listening to the radio or watching the nightly news, it is hard not to hear about the wave of social media.   Many businesses are jumping on the band wagon and dipping their toes in the social media water.   While this can be a great marketing strategy, it is also important to note, that social media channels are not the “silver bullet” of online marketing.   Many times marketers will neglect one aspect of their marketing campaign to try another one.

As a business, moving into social media is a great idea, but not at the expense of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).   It is important to make sure that you do not neglect your website as you move resources to developing the various channels necessary to have a strong presence in the various social media outlets.   When moving into social media, it is important to have a plan to keep your website updated and relevant for the users.   This will also help to support your social media effort.   Below are some things that you should always be working on with your SEO alongside your social media campaigns.

Title and Description Meta Tags — Does each page of your site have unique meta data that is relevant to the page content?   If not, work on this to ensure that every page of your site has a chance of ranking for the keywords that are featured in the content.

Keyword Research — When was the last time you researched the words you are going after?   Keyword research is something that should be done on a continual basis.   As search trends change, you need to update your keyword lists so you can target the words that your customers are searching for.

Linking Strategy — What is your linking strategy?   Do you have one?   Building backlinks is one of the most important factors when it comes to boosting search results.   Having a strategy to build high quality links to your site should be on the top of your list for things to accomplish.   Links can come from directories, blogs, authorities in your industry and other websites.   Create a plan and stick to it.

Web Design — Is your web site still the one that your cousin created for the business in 1996?   A well thought out optimized web design can be the difference between conversions and a 90% bounce rate.   If your site is not appealing, you will lose customers once you get them to the site.   Now may be the right time for an updated look and feel, or a complete redesign.

Social media and SEO go hand in hand.   It is important to make sure that you have the bases covered in both and are creating content in each to give your customers new and interesting information, so they will have a reason to continue visiting your website and your other social media channels.

April 27 2009

Community Events and Link Building Opportunities

by Michael Buczek

While browsing through one of my favorite morning show websites, I noticed pictures of a charity event.   As I followed those links and went to the event’s page, I also noticed that there was a page with a list of sponsors.   To my surprise, the links to the websites were not “no follow”. The links also contained quality anchor text.

This made me think about how sponsoring events could be a great link building opportunity.   Sponsoring local events in your area is positive for the community and beneficial for your link building efforts because the links are high quality and relevant.  

With the summer approaching, many communities and organizations in your area will be hosting events, fundraisers, running events and more.   Keep your eye out for these events to see if there are relevant sponsorship opportunities to incorporate into your link building efforts.   Sponsoring events can not only help your link building efforts, but it can also increase your brand’s reputation on and offline.   Showing your customers that you care about the community can help to solidify their decision when choosing your goods or services versus a competitor’s.

So, the next time you are involved in an event, ask about the sponsor page and think about the possible link building opportunities that can go along with it.

December 4 2008

Don’t Neglect your Websites Internal Linking

by Michael Buczek

In past blogs, we have talked about how important it is to get other websites to link to your site and the benefits associated with this.   When focusing on your linking strategy it is also important not to neglect your internal linking structure.   An internal link is hyperlinked text that points to a different section of the page you are viewing, or more commonly to a different page on your site.   The most common internal links are found in the main navigation of a website and throughout the body text of the pages.

If your page keyword targeting and the anchor text of the links pointing to those pages don’t coincide, now might be a good time to revisit and make the anchor text reflect the page keyword targeting.   When you optimize a page for a certain keyword, the links from your site pointing to that page should reflect the same keyword theme.     The first places to consider a change are in the main and footer navigation.   Use keyword rich text in these areas to give extra weight to the targeted page.   Instead of just using the word “Services” in your navigation, you should use a term that is more keyword targeted such as “Internet Marketing Services” or “Banking Services”.

Another place to use keyword rich anchor text is within the text of your website when you want to direct a user to another page with more information.   Many times we will see that a website uses the hyperlinked text, “click here” or “learn more” to lead a user to a page with more information.   These terms are great if the page you are leading them to is optimized for “click here” or learn more”.   In most cases there is a better phrase to use.   When leading a user to a services page, use the main keyword phrase of the targeted page as the hyperlinked anchor text.   Example:  

 Please see our Internet Marketing Services page for more information.

In this example the page that the hyperlink is pointing to is about “Internet Marketing Services”.  

When using anchor text to point to other pages, it is important to use different versions of the text to point to the page.   This will allow you to target more keywords and not make it so repetitious for the user.   It is important to note that when varying your anchor text, you should use keywords of the same theme.   So for our above example, other beneficial keywords to use for anchor text would be “Online Marketing Services”, or” Web Marketing Services”.   While online press releases might be a product of “Internet Marketing Services” it would not be good anchor text because it does not describe the whole theme of the page but rather one point within the theme.

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