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September 4 2009

What is IDTweet?

by MoreVisibility

For those of us who have been waiting for a marketing tool for Twitter, something is in the works. is a service that allows advertisers to specifically target Tweeters by the keywords in their member profiles. can also locate the keywords within current tweets. In addition, lets advertisers find previous tweets in which their keywords were mentioned.

Targeting followers based on words they’ve Tweeted gives businesses an upper hand. Advertisers can investigate whether their brand name or product(s) are a hot topic in the world of Twitter. It’s very possible that the Twitter community is already aware of your brand and possibly a fan it. also becomes an extremely helpful tool for reputation management.  If current customers are experiencing issues and Tweeting about it; advertisers can quickly address and fix problems, thus improving customer service.

A keyword “spy” tool like IDTweet can help businesses find niche users by keyword, but what about finding Twitter followers by location? Geographic targeting options are also available through IDTweet. In addition, Twitter recently announced the launch of their internal geo-targeting options that should soon be available. Hopefully with these new tools and targeting options, Twitter will become increasingly effective for advertising.

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