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September 17 2010

Seevolution – Another Way to Keep Track of Your Website Visitors

by Carolina Usbeck

Are you interested in trying another tool to track your website analytics? There is a new free tool, currently in beta testing, that helps you track your visitors in real time. That tool is called seevolution.

The set up is pretty simple and involves a 3 step process. Firstly, an account is required and you can add up to 5 domains for free. Secondly you will need to add a snippet of code which is a javascript code that will help you track visually your website in real time and thirdly, you can start seeing the tracking being performed in the site by the use of a toolbar which is located transparently on the site you are using.

SeeVolution has many useful features to help you see the behavior of your visitors; they include an X-Ray feature that uses a heatmap technology, which allows you to track using an overlay layer of your site displaying the areas of the page with high/low user activity. Another feature is the Overlay Tool Bar, which focuses on site based data and user behavioral data. Seevolution also monitors the site for performance, up time and any malfunctions by providing alerts.

The service provided by Seevolution is not as detailed as Google Analytics or Mint, but it does provide a different view of how to see user behavior and a different perspective on how to view the analytics of your site by providing a toolbar within your site that allows you to track the information. The great thing about it is that you stay on your site, there is no going to a secondary site. I would recommend to use this tool as a secondary means of tracking analytics, since it does not provide as much information as you can obtain using Google Analytics or Mint.


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