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March 21 2014

Desktop Search Spend Continues to Plummet – Time to Kick Your Mobile Strategy into Full Gear

by Lauren Owens

Last week, eMarketer reported that desktop search spend will drop by 83% this year, as mobile continues to take over. If you’re running paid search ads, this means that it’s time to review your mobile strategy. Are your website, landing pages and shopping cart functionalities mobile friendly? Are your ads optimized for mobile? And, where else should you be – besides search – to take full advantage of the mobile user?Read More

January 30 2012

Mobile in AdWords

by German Parra

When creating a mobile campaign in AdWords, it is important to approach it the same way any new campaign should be approached. By this, I mean that you should separate your campaigns and create one that targets exclusively mobile devices.

Mobile in AdWords

From a network perspective, just like with any other campaign, you can target both the Search and Content networks. Also, we recommend having a separate campaign for each network.

Mobile in AdWords

However, you don’t have to target both Networks. Obviously, by targeting both networks you will have a bigger audience to reach, In the end, it all depends on your strategy and what you are trying to accomplish by going mobile- or by getting mobilized as I like to call it. With the Search network, you can have great features such as click to call on your ads. While in the Content Network you are still able to display banners on sites that relate to your business.

Another nice feature when creating your mobile device campaign is the option to get granular as far as mobile devices and carriers. For example, if you are a retailer and you sell iPhone accessories, you might want to target only iPhones. You do this by checking the “iPhone/iPod Touch” checkbox under the “Advanced device and carrier options” section. In this scenario a good idea would be to also target carriers that provide iPhone services. You can do this by checking the different carriers options provided under the “Carriers” section,

Mobile in AdWords

Once you have your campaigns created, remember to analyze your data and optimize based on performance.

December 21 2011

How to Target Your AdWords Campaigns for Mobile & Tablet Devices

by Anne Garcia

Still not convinced that you need to specifically target mobile and/or tablet devices in your AdWords campaigns? I would recommend that you run a Device Segmented report — under “Segment” click ‘Device’:

How to Target Your AdWords Campaigns for Mobile & Tablet Devices

Your campaign performance data will be broken out by Computers, Mobile devices with full browsers and Tablets with full browsers like the screen shot below.

How to Target Your AdWords Campaigns for Mobile & Tablet Devices

As you can see from the screen shot above, the average cost-per-click (CPC) for both mobile devices and tablets is considerably lower than the average CPC of a computer. By specifically creating campaigns for mobile and tablet devices, you will be able to lower your CPC bids for these campaigns, thus ultimately lowering your cost per conversion and advertising spend.

So now that you are ready to specifically target mobile devices and tablets, you will want to look at the Devices in your Settings tab. Make sure that your new campaign is only targeting mobile, and also note that you will want to remove Mobile devices as a selection from your Computers campaign. You can also target mobile devices based on their operating system.

How to Target Your AdWords Campaigns for Mobile & Tablet Devices

For more information on mobile campaigns, click here. Happy segmenting!

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