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July 30 2018

Don’t Slow Down Just Because It’s Summer

by Khrysti Nazzaro

While many people look forward to summer as a time to relax and slow down, Google wants you to speed up … your web pages.

About 6 months ago, Google pre-emptively told webmasters that in July 2018 it would update its ranking factors to consider mobile page speed in the mobile search index. That change rolled out July 9, 2018, and, although it only reportedly impacts the most sluggish web pages, it’s definitely worth it to assess your own pages’ speeds and craft a plan for improvement (if you need one).

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September 19 2017

Google Maps Now Has Video Feature for Android Devices

by Chuck Forbes

Google Maps has increasingly gained importance on mobile devices, as user demand for nearby insights on where to eat, shop or be entertained continues to grow. With the addition of photos to Google Maps, users get more emerged into the location they were potentially going to visit. Businesses have had to accept that “eyes” are now everyone via their mobile devices and every second of the customer experience needs to be top-notch or they may risk a bad review or post. Read More

August 28 2017

Google My Business Q&A Feature Overview

by Matt Crowley

Google has released a new feature tied to Google My Business (GMB) locations that allows users to ask questions and provide answers about a location directly within mobile search results and Google Maps. The feature does not currently appear to be accessible on desktop devices. It is available on all mobile devices from web search, and Android devices from the Google Maps app.

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