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June 23 2011

Improvements to your mobile analytics data

by MoreVisibility

The Google Analytics team has had their hands full this year, and we’re not even half-way through 2011! So far this year, you’ve been witnessto ground-breaking improvements in our industry, such as:

And that’s just a taste of what you’ve seen so far this year!

Today, we’re going to continue to enhance your analytics palette. The mobile reporting section within Google Analytics is being super-sized to accommodate the rapid mobile device adoption rates that we’ve all seen in our professional and personal lives. Mobile – formerly found within the Technology sub-section inside the Visitors navigation menu – is now its own stand-alone sub-section within the main Visitors report section on the left-hand side on the navigation menu.

The Mobile section will now have two reports: A new Overview report (for top-level summary data) and a new Devices report (for granular, report-level data). Within the Devices report, you can expect to find the following dimensions to segment your mobile data by:

  • Mobile Device Info: This will show you the mobile device (phone or tablet) that your visitors used to access your website. You will also see a small camera icon next to each device name – clicking on that icon will bring up images of the mobile device.
  • Mobile Device Branding: This will show you the company that made the device. For example, you will see a listing for Apple (which can be clicked so that you can see a breakdown between the iPhone, iPad, and iPod), as well as listings for all other mobile device manufacturers that have resulted in at least one visit to your website during your selected date-range.
  • Service Provider: This will show you the internet service provider that a mobile visitor is using to get online and access your website.
  • Mobile Input Selector: This shows you if your visitor’s mobile devices use touchscreens, clickwheels, joysticks, or stylus’s.
  • Operating System: Each mobile device has its own operating system, just like your traditional desktop computer, and this dimension will provide that breakdown for you.
  • Screen Resolution: The pixel-by-pixel dimensions of your visitor’s mobile device screen sizes.

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we can safely report to you that these enhancements are only the beginning – these great updates to your mobile analytics data are only the first step in a series of developments that you can expect to see coming down the pike during the rest of the year.

We hope you enjoy your new and improved mobile data, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you as they come about!

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