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September 18 2007

Powerset Takes On Google

by MoreVisibility

There is another new search engine in the marketplace.  Powerset believes they are ready to take on Google, with their natural-language search engine.  You are currently able to visit their site and provide your email address for more information and account set-up information.  Powerset’s algorithms are programmed to understand search requests submitted in plain English, differently from the keyword search used by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and all other keyword search engines. 

Natural-language search has been attempted before.  In the 1990s, Ask Jeeves was founded on the premise that Internet search requests should be presented as simple questions.  Users seemingly weren’t satisfied with search results, because they had too many irrelevant answers.  After nearly failing, the company embraced the keyword approach to search and abandoned its natural-language algorithms.  It is now known simply as

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