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July 18 2022

Google Search Console Insights Integration with GA4 Data

by Matt Crowley

Google recently announced that Search Console Insights now support integration with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties. This is a continuation of Google’s integration of GA4 with other Google products and a welcome step. However, the reporting functionality this provides is minimal and is unlikely to be widely used.

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March 21 2022

Intro to Google Ads New Campaign Type: Performance Max

by Monica Simmons

Google continues to broaden its advertising opportunities as machine learning and artificial intelligence become more and more sophisticated.

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February 28 2022

How New Technology Trends Benefit Business in 2022

by Emily Standley

The driving force behind every business whether B2B or B2C is marketing and technology. Without it your business would be lost at sea in a vast ocean. But how does new technology benefit your business now and in the future? Big data along with artificial intelligence (AI) can offer your business insightful trends and ways to keep advancing ahead.

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