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March 11 2021

Clubhouse – Have You Joined the Party?

by Danielle Leitch

Clubhouse hit the Social Media scene earlier this year and is starting to gain some traction – with users, activity, and funding.  It is only available for iPhone users now, downloaded as an app, as there is no version for Android offered yet. Currently it is considered in testing mode (beta), as you must be invited by a current Clubhouse user to “join the party”.  That is what this reminds me of a bit, the 80’s version of Party Lines (so dating myself here – but you know they were awesome in that teenage moment, if you were there!). The experience is all Audio – so definitely gives those experiencing Zoom-fatigue a break from being on camera. A true conversation or exclusive invite to a podcast. dialogue.

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January 12 2021

The New Facebook Pages Experience: What it Means and How to Adapt

by Sam Figuera

On January 6th, Facebook announced and rolled out its new Pages experience, which is redesigned to make it simpler for creators to build community and achieve their business objectives. Like any update, it all sounds exciting, but what do these changes mean? Read on to learn more about the new updates and how they might impact your social strategy on Facebook.

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November 30 2020

Keyword Search Now Available on Instagram

by Monica Simmons

Instagram has introduced many new features and user experience updates over the course of 2020; from Reels to Guides and even a new home screen experience to promote the use of these new features. Most recently, however, Instagram released an update allowing users to search for keywords (rather than just for specific hashtags, accounts / names, or places). This update will make it easier for Instagram users to find relevant content within the platform.

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