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August 31 2023

Elevate Your TikTok Advertising Strategy with New Search Ads Toggle

by Monica Simmons

In a stride toward enhancing the self-service advertising experience and its targeting capabilities, TikTok has recently unveiled the all-new Search Ads Toggle. This new placement feature, detailed in their recent blog post, promises to reshape the way advertisers engage with their target audience.

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August 8 2023

Embracing Data-Driven Attribution in Google Ads

by Monica Simmons

Back in 2021, Google announced that data-driven attribution would become the default attribution model for all new Google Ads conversion actions. So, why does this matter now? Up until recently, advertisers still had the option to use several rules-based attribution models for their conversion actions – but this is about to change.

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July 6 2023

Search Engines Embedding Generative AI into Search Results

by Matt Crowley

At this point, most all of us are familiar with and have already tried out some form of generative AI. Whether it’s been ChatGPT or Bard, this technology has made its way to the mainstream public. This has created a lot of hype in the public about these new technologies. I’m constantly encountering people outside of the search and marketing industries that are talking about how they are testing out these platforms.

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