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September 10 2021

Google’s Expanded Text Ads to Sunset in 2022

by Monica Simmons

As Google continues to expand advertising capabilities with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, more and more manual settings and elements within the Google Ads platform are being reduced or even removed. One of the most recent announcements from Google states that advertisers will no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads (ETAs) after June 30, 2022. Below is a Google Ads LinkedIn post containing a notable statistic, further driving home Google’s overarching message of the impact of machine learning.

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September 1 2021

Responsive Display Ads are Here to Stay

by April Nelson

According to Google’s latest data, Google Display Ads reach over 90% of internet users and appear on over three million websites, over 650,000 apps, and across Google properties such as Gmail and YouTube. Considering the number of different devices people use to access the internet and view content, it can be tricky and time-consuming for marketers and graphic designers to produce creative that keeps up. Responsive Display Ads are Google’s answer to this pain point.

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March 11 2021

Clubhouse – Have You Joined the Party?

by Danielle Leitch

Clubhouse hit the Social Media scene earlier this year and is starting to gain some traction – with users, activity, and funding.  It is only available for iPhone users now, downloaded as an app, as there is no version for Android offered yet. Currently it is considered in testing mode (beta), as you must be invited by a current Clubhouse user to “join the party”.  That is what this reminds me of a bit, the 80’s version of Party Lines (so dating myself here – but you know they were awesome in that teenage moment, if you were there!). The experience is all Audio – so definitely gives those experiencing Zoom-fatigue a break from being on camera. A true conversation or exclusive invite to a podcast. dialogue.

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