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August 5 2008

Integrating Search With Offline Media

by MoreVisibility

Think back to when you took your drivers license test.  Remember how you had to first pass the written test, and then excel at the driving test?  You couldn’t get your license without passing both. This happens a lot in life.  In order to become a successful doctor, you not only have to complete undergraduate science requirements, but you also have to take the MCAT and get accepted into medical school.  In order to successfully make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you have to have bread, peanut butter, and jelly.   Most things in life require steps.  First this, then that, etc – You get my point.  The same methodology applies to the marketing arena.  If you have a multi-media marketing plan, you must learn how to integrate and utilize each media channel in order to enhance the other.

In order to have a successful online marketing campaign, it must reflect and/or match what you are communicating offline. Search Engine Marketing professionals cannot expect to be a complete success, if they do not integrate their search marketing efforts with their efforts in offline media channels. As a client strategist, I have different types of clients.  I have some that solely focus on online marketing where search makes up their entire marketing plan.  I have other clients who not only advertise on search, but also through television, radio, direct mail, and newspapers.  It is essential for me to know and understand the promotions that they are running through offline media channels, in order for me to be successful with their search marketing campaigns.

From my experience, there is often a big disconnect when integrating online and offline marketing efforts. Frequently, it has to do with budgets.  A lot of companies have $xxx to spend on traditional media and a completely separate budget for online media.  In addition, it’s typical that different departments work with separate efforts- one being assigned to broadcast media, one being assigned to print, one being assigned to online, etc.   If this occurs, it is extremely important that all of those departments communicate in order to learn and understand the complete marketing picture.  Integrating search with offline media should result in a healthier bottom line.  Effective communication with other departments or agencies, if you have them, is critical. It is important for all members on board to fully understand the entire marketing plan.  It will result in more success with your campaigns.

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