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October 14 2011

Why Have You Not Engaged in a Remarketing Campaign?

by Marni Weinberg

Seriously. Why? At the risk of sounding pushy, I can not see any valid reason for not “reaching out” to the visitors who arrived at your site, but failed to take whichever action step you were hoping for. As an example, ecommerce websites obviously want their visitors to complete a sale; while the goal of a lead generation website is for visitors to request more information (i.e. download a whitepaper or sign up for a newsletter) and ultimately capture an email address.

You have more than likely been remarketed to many times and have not even realized. Case in point: it is no mistake that you searched for a portable DVD player and then later that same day (and the entire week thereafter) kept seeing random banner ads from the very same online store you visited that day. If this online retailer is playing their cards right, the banners actually show a DVD player and even better, an enticing discount to lure you back to the site and complete your transaction.

There are so many reasons why visitors do not convert on their first visit. Perhaps they are on their lunch break and ran out of time before they were able to complete their transaction. Maybe they just want to shop around and make sure they are getting the best possible deal. Sometimes it’s as simple as they got distracted and forgot to finish filling out the form on your site or buying the DVD Player and all they need is a friendly reminder (hence remarketing) to visit your site again.

Whatever your online marketing strategy may already include, if you have not engaged in a Remarketing Campaign, you are missing out on great deal opportunities, especially with the holiday season fast approaching.

September 11 2008

CNN gets Social Media-how about you?

by Heather Wall

There has been a lot of hype and promotion recently with regard to incorporating Social Media into a company’s online marketing strategy.  Some of the biggest challenges are “how do we incorporate social media into our marketing strategy?”  And, “how is this going to help us grab a person’s attention?”

Well CNN gets it.  And you should too.  If you are wondering how to engage a larger audience and keep them engaged, check out how CNN is doing it.  One visit to their website,, and you see they are all over the social media radar.  From RSS feeds, to Vlogs (Video Blogs), podcasts, and now… incorporating social media to create buzz and engage their audience live on the air!  Yup, you heard it right!  They are pulling the online world into the offline world right in front of you while you watch TV in your living room.  So, how are they able to do this in real time? Well, CNN is officially endorsing Twitter. They are the first major broadcasting network to do so, and they are doing a great job of incorporating it into their live broadcasting.  You’ll now find the likes of anchorman Don Lemon delivering a news story, then going to Twitter to see the direct impact of the story within the online Twitter community and announcing some of those comments live on the air.  It makes you want to go and check out CNN and Twitter, right?  I know I immediately started “tweeting” myself, hoping to get a comment in! 

This is social media done right!  Kudos to CNN and kudos to Don Lemon for laying such a foundation. So, you may be thinking, “Well that’s great, but what kind of online impact does social media really have?” Let’s look at CNN as compared to MSNBC, whom isn’t utilizing social media at the level CNN is.  One look at some online data utilizing Google Trends to see which website is receiving higher traffic volumes and it’s no surprise to see CNN is getting a great deal more online interest than MSNBC.  By CNN immersing itself into the online community, it’s seeing a direct impact with online buzz by people seeing CNN as their online news source. 

You can get started with this today.  If you already have a newsletter, then you can easily create an RSS feed on your website so others can download and share it.  You can start an online blog.  Make sure you post to it regularly!  Or, you can start podcasting.  Whatever direction is best for your company, you can easily get up to speed with web 2.0!  The internet is changing.  It is becoming a more interactive community.  No longer is a static website all you need.  More and more people are jumping online to interact with friends and businesses.  People are looking at customer reviews and corporate blogs to help them make decisions. If you can become more engaged, more social, in this ever changing online world, you’ll be sure to not get lost in the static.

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