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February 21 2011

What Makes a Pay per Click Ad Better than Another?

by Marni Weinberg

With the online marketing arena becoming increasingly competitive, coupled with the relatively low cost of Pay Per Click ads (compared to radio, print & TV) more and more retailers are offering incentives to encourage searchers to click on their ad, rather than on one of their competitors. Clicks are not only what matters, though. What’s most important is for that click to convert into a lead or sale. As an online marketer, how can you guarantee that searchers will click on your ad, then go a step further and complete the desired action item? Unfortunately there is no guarantee, although you can work to make your ads stand out as much as possible. Here are a few tips you can try when creating your ad copy.

  • Create a sense of urgency by using an expiration date. This tells people they have a short window to take advantage of whatever it is you are promoting. It also allows for your ads to appear fresh and current. Be sure to update your expiration date! You do not want to be advertising an expired offer. Another way to create a sense of urgency is to use buzz words/phrases such as: Limited Time Offer, Shop Now, Buy Now, Download Now, etc.
  • Use adjectives that describe your product or service in as attractive/desirable a way as possible. Examples: Authentic, Genuine, Reliable, Exclusive, Extensive Selection, etc.
  • Create a minimum of 3 ads, which will allow for appropriate testing. Not all people will click on the same offer. Let searchers decide which ad copy they like best.
  • Freshen up your ads with new offers and ad copy every few months in an effort to keep them from becoming stale.
  • Do some snooping. See what your competitors are doing, offering and promoting and see if you can match (or even beat) their offers. Think about it this way…online searchers and shoppers are doing the same thing in an effort to find the best deal possible.
  • Use Inter Capitalization whenever possible. Here is an example:

 What Makes a Pay per Click Ad Better than Another

  • Use Site Links, which is a feature that AdWords offers. Here is an example:
  • What Makes a Pay per Click Ad Better than Another

    November 30 2010

    Black Friday-Cyber Monday, Here We Come!

    by Marni Weinberg

    If you’re like me, you’re probably feeling as if Thanksgiving sort of crept on you out of nowhere. How does that happen?

    This (short) work week is apt to be more hectic than usual, as clients are gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These days have been coined as “two of the busiest online shopping days of the year”. In preparation of their arrival, we’ve been busy creating compelling ad copy and allocating budgets accordingly in an effort to ensure that our ecommerce clients have “MoreVisibility” (couldn’t resist the pun) on these important shopping days.

    Consumers have marked their calendars; credit cards are in hand. All are waiting with genuine excitement to uncover your special offerings from the comfort of their own home. No lines, no busy parking lots, what could be better? So, how will you outshine your competition? If you’ve not already implemented a strategy for the expected online frenzy, it is not too late to put something into place.
    Below are just a few ideas of how to attract shoppers to your site on these important days through a Pay Per Click initiative:

    • Bid aggressively to achieve top real estate on the Search Engine Results Page
    • Utilize Black Friday/Cyber Monday specific keywords and ad copy
    • Send your visitors to a landing page with your specific promotions and clear calls to action
    • Showcase your deals (Free Shipping, 20% Off All Orders, Free Gift Wrapping, Free Gift with Purchase, Buy One Get One Half Off, etc.) in your ad copy.
    • Offer exclusive Coupon Codes for shoppers to enter when making their purchase
    August 19 2010

    Are Your Pay Per Click Ads Competitive?

    by Marni Weinberg

    A large percentage of websites utilize Search Engine Marketing as a major component of their overall advertising initiatives. Even amidst an economic climate where budgets are stretched ultra thin, paid search is on the rise. According to a recent CNET article, “Paid search is the Web’s latest sector bouncing back from the recession.”

    While it is encouraging to see more dollars being spent online, the importance of the message within the ads should certainly not be forgotten. You want to make sure your ads are competitive; Pay per Click Ads are an effective way to drive visitors to your website to (depending on your business model) either buy a product, request a demo, fill out an online form, request a brochure, etc.

    Unless your business is uniquely niche, I would bet there are countless others trying to drive the very same visitors to their websites to do the very same thing you are. To complicate matters, the character limitations set forth by the engines can be enough to make you bang your head against a wall! You essentially have to find a way to say what you want to say as creatively as possible, but with very few characters. Trust me, this is no easy task. The key is to make your ad copy eye catching, with incentives to make searchers click on your ad.  This can be accomplished by investing the necessary time to create compelling ad copy that will showcase your positives. Some examples can include:

    • The Use Of Coupon Codes
    • Free Shipping/Returns
    • Fast Delivery
    • Free Gift With Purchase
    • Low Price Guarantee
    • Percentage Off With Coupon Code
    • Free Demo
    • Free Webinar
    • Official Site
    • Authentic/Genuine Products

    The use of buzz words to create a sense of urgency is also an excellent tool to grab the attention of a searcher. Examples include:

    • Now (Shop Now, Buy Now, Click Now, Order Now, etc.)
    • Limited Time Offer
    • The Use Of An Expiration Date (Valid through 8/31/10)

    If you are an Online Retailer it helps to boast components like:

    • Huge Inventory/collection
    • Full Line of XXXXX in all sizes
    • Great Deals

    Don’t forget to create a minimum of three (yes three) ads within each ad group and allow your ads to rotate. Eventually you should have *enough data to determine which ad performs the best overall.

    *The use of an analytics platform is strongly suggested.

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